MediaTrack from MediaQuest takes the guesswork out of knowing which adverts work and which you are simply wasting your money on.

Our online phone tracking statistics let you see how well your advertising is working for you.

Just add a different telephone number into each advertisement to track the response rates, then log in to our client control panel MiQ to see the statistics.

Access to our control panel is FREE


The voicemail feature can be added to numbers if required and can be set to play a greeting and allow the caller to leave a message. Alternatively, the voicemail can be set as announcement only, playing a greeting to the caller and then hanging up at the end of the greeting, without the option to leave a message.

The voicemail box is provided with a generic non-branded female professionally recorded greeting as follows:

“Unfortunately your call cannot be taken right now. Please leave a message including your name and phone number. We’ll return your call as soon as possible.”

We can also arrange professional voiceovers and bespoke messages. Ask for a quotation.


Hunt groups can be set to two or more numbers in several different ways. For a small one person business, this could be as simple as trying the office landline first and then to try a mobile number second if the landline is not answered. For businesses with several staff, it could be set to try each member of staff's telephone numbers at the same time or one at a time in a particular order.

Here are just a few ways the hunting group can work:

Hunt-in-order - hunts between the entered numbers in orders.

Simultaneous ring all - rings all entered active numbers at the same time.

Random hunt - hunts between entered numbers randomly.


Block incoming calls from certain numbers, international numbers or a range of numbers, for example all numbers starting 0871. This is ideal for blocking nuisance calls or callers that you don’t want to speak with. The blocked caller would hear a recorded message saying:

“Calls are not currently accepted from this number.”


Divert to different telephone numbers based on the day and time or divert calls to a landline/mobile number during office hours and straight to voicemail when closed.

Numbers are available with your area’s code at just £15 PER MONTH with NO SET UP FEE and 1000 INCLUSIVE FREE minutes per month!

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