As a MediaQuest client, you will have access to MiQ, the client dashboard that gives you access to everything you need to know about your marketing activity. You won’t find this unique platform anywhere else. It was created as part of our commitment to creating a real partnership with our customers.


If we host your website, MiQ will give you a snapshot of topline web analytics figures on one ‘at a glance’ screen. We are also developing a Google Adwords interface to share even more knowledge with our customers.

MiQ Website Analytics

Keep track of your Twitter followers and your Facebook fans with the MiQ social media analytics reporting. You can view a live calendar of your social media posts, and see which received the most likes, comments, favourites or retweets.

MiQ Social Media

Although we take care of all of your media planning, you may want to keep track of any press, radio, email or any other kind of marketing which has been booked for you. With MiQ, you can view which media has been planned, booked, cancelled or is currently in progress. See the cost of each individual booking, or the total cost of your marketing over a selected date range. If you need to, you can print out your media schedule at any time.

MiQ Media Schedule

Any artwork that MediaQuest has created for you will be stored within MiQ. For instance, if we hold or created you company logo and you need it for any purpose, you can download your own version without having to contact us. Total control at your fingertips!

To learn more about MiQ and how MediaQuest can provide you with advertising intelligence, contact us today or arrange a meeting with an Account Manager.