Since being founded in 1998 as a search engine, Google has developed into an online empire, with a huge variety of services which make lives easier for anyone who spends time online, and also for businesses, whether large or small. Here are just some of the services Google can provide your business with:


Google Docs have proven valuable to many businesses, allowing employees to create and edit documents online without having to be in the office, or on the office’s server. Users of Google Docs can access their files from any computer, or even their smart phones.


Adwords offers small business pay-per-click advertising, either on a local or national level, ensuring that the right customers are finding your business online as easily as possible. Need help running a PPC campaign for your company? Talk to us!


Google+ is Google’s rival to Facebook and Twitter in the world of social media. In fact, Google+ recently surpassed Twitter to be the second largest social networking site in the world, with over 500 million registered users. Another effective way to network as a small business, and keep up with employees and clients alike.


Google’s email client continues to be one of the most popular available online, largely due to the large amount of storage place in comparison to other free email services such as Hotmail. Google is also beginning to roll out a feature which enables Gmail users to transfer money to other users. Any method of safe online payment can prove valuable to a business owner.


It may sound obvious, but the visibility of your business is important. With Google’s Places service, you can create a profile for your business which features your location on a map, reviews, opening times and ratings. Making sure you have a detailed entry on Google Maps can help you with local searches, for instance if a customer searches “Restaurant Eastleigh”, you want to be one of the first “pins” they come across!


Keeping an internal calendar, covering everything from colleagues’ birthdays, to annual leave, to the times and locations of meetings, is essential to a smooth-running office. Google Calendar is the perfect, simple solution. You can even combine your work and personal calendar for optimum organisation!