On 1st March, Skoda unveiled their brand new corporate identity at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

The re-branding includes new logos for their marketing and their production cars, as well as a new slogan ‘The New Power of Skoda’. With Skoda retailers as clients, MediaQuest have been planning the impact of this change on the clients’ communication materials. The brand new logo is an evolution of the previous design, with the green winged arrow now taking centre stage, with the colour of the arrow changed to a new, vibrant ‘Skoda Green’ colour. The winged arrow has been embossed and encased in a chrome effect, with the Skoda name being removed from the roundel and placed above. The logo that will be used on Skoda cars will carry the same design in a completely chrome finish.

Following the success of their last re-brand in 2003, Skoda are keen to continue to show themselves as providing modern attractive cars offering exceptional value for money, countless clever solutions, and precisely executed work. The new corporate identity is part of a larger overhaul of Skoda’s marketing strategy aimed at giving the brand a modern image.

The logo has already been adopted in Skoda’s cross media national advertising (TV, press and online) and will very soon start making its way onto dealer material although the logo is not due to be incorporated on Skoda cars until the start of 2012.

The cost of a rebrand on a scale such as this is massive. On a local level, advertisers can keep their image fresh by constantly reviewing and revising the look and feel of their corporate communications but the cost of rebranding should be weighed up against the effect of having an out-dated and old-fashioned image. Often small business owners have become attached to their logo and are loathe changing it, but with careful planning, a new identity can be created and introduced over time to minimise cost and update your brand in a more organic fashion.

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