One of the things that we do here at MediaQuest is to set aside a time each month where the entire Company gets together to discuss ALL of our clients and generate a long list of ideas...

This enables us to mentally step away from the everyday account adminstration, the regular work, the client-generated activity, and day to day advertising, and think laterally about each client. All staff members are involved including the onesthat don't work directly with clients; their ideas are free from the burden of what we think is possible and they challenge others' preconceptions and accepted beliefs.

And, against our usual policy of creating workable andaffordable solutions, we forget about budget, we forget about feasibility and we start to think about silly, fun, ridiculous and big buck stuff.

Beacause when we start with 'stupid', we often end up with 'fantastic' or 'different' because there's always a "But what if we...." and that means that when we start thinking without the usual constraints, we imagine that unusual and extraordinary things can be made possible.

Don't think for one minute that we aren't always thinking about new ideas and opportunities for our clients - because we are. This process just allows us to think more obliquely and without boundaries.

At the end of our time together, each client has been discussed and an idea has been generated. Sometimes these are immediately presented to the client, and sometimes they are kept on hold because they are relevant to a later trading season, but either way, our clients can be assured that they are always on the agenda and we are always thinking beyond the norm.

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