We know that creative treatment can make an enormous difference to the effectiveness of a radio campaign, that’s true in all media, but we believe even more so in radio because people are doing something else whilst listening.

But how can you judge a creative proposal?

The Radio Advertising Bureau has created a framework for measuring how creative a radio advert is - the five I’s.
It is a framework for judging creative ideas. Like all frameworks, it’s not perfect or exhaustive, but having taken part in an independent survey by the RAB to test the effectiveness of adverts for Vodafone and The Carphone Warehouse we have seen first hand just how consistent the results can be when measured across a wide sample of radio listeners.

The Five I’s encourage an advertiser to ask the following questions of their creative treatment...


Will the target audience...notice, engage and be drawn in? Will the ad involve the target audience?


Will the target audience... recognise and remember who the ad is from?


Will the target audience... take away an appropriate impression of the brand?


Will the target audience... understand and remember the message being communicated?


Will the target audience... consciously or otherwise hear the ad as part of a wider campaign (other radio ads or other media), so achieving a multiplier effect?

Judging a script on the page can be difficult. Radio is all about atmosphere, tone of voice and mood.

And finally, we always let the producer and the voiceovers do their stuff! By leaving room for performance, good actors may have ideas for changes which can turn a good script into great radio – why not sign off the idea rather than the exact words?

For an independent appraisal of your existing radio ads, why not send us a script or email us an mp3 or wav file, and we will send you a free 5 I Review of your ad.

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