No one loves calling up a company and being put on hold, particularly when you're subjected to a generic and repetitive on hold ‘tune’, beeping, or worst of all, silence- so you're not entirely sure you haven't been cut off. If you've gone to great lengths to gain your leads and customers, the last thing you need is to lose their interest and alienate them when they try and contact you for help or information.

Any customer calling your company is already a captive audience (after all, they've already decided you're worth doing business with), it's for both their benefit and yours that you keep them interested, and take advantage of this opportunity to speak to them and communicate your latest offers and ideas.

MediaQuest can offer you a custom-made on-hold message for your telephone system which is affordable and effective. Research has shown that customers will stay on the line up to 20% longer when they have something informative to listen to, as opposed to when they were kept waiting listening to nothing but silence.

With the use of music and recorded advertising messages, you can use this ‘on hold’ time to inform, educate and sell to your existing customers. Your message can create a direct call-to-action, perhaps redirecting them to your company website (it's possible that they are sitting at their computer while making the call), your social media platformsor providing them with offers and codes that they can use to their advantage when their call makes it through.

Using your latest offers and core messages, we can provide you with a creative message that is professionally scripted and produced, featuring royalty free music and specially commissioned vocal talent. A generic hold tone will do nothing to help your business stand out, but a customized tailor-made message will leave a professional, lasting impression. Your recording can be easily implemented into your office phone system, and can be updated seasonally in order to keep your marketing fresh and up to date.

Jon Hiscock, Production Manager says: "You will never get someone’s attention more than when you’ve got them on hold…This is a perfect time to expose your caller to some well-placed offers, deals and relevant messages about your business. They may not be interested but they called you so they’re going to listen.”

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