New Years ResolutionsYou many have made a New Year’s resolution or two for yourself already, but what about your business? This week we’ll suggest one resolution a day. Even if you adopt only one – it’s better than nothing!

    DAY ONE:

    Check your Social Media for spelling mistakes
    and grammatical errors before you press OK. If you still aren’t confident – delegate it or use a Social Media agency (like us!) to post on your behalf.

    DAY TWO:

    Don’t let your radio copy go stale
    . If that radio campaign that used to work really well for you is losing its sparkle – it’s probably time for a new advert. Ideas are free so get some scripts produced and keep an open mind. We have access to a number of production teams so give us a call for unbiased advice!


    Measure your ROI. It sounds complicated and time-consuming but it can be as simple as looking at your web analytics on a weekly basis, or just keeping a tally chart of footfall on a scrap of paper. 0800 numbers are a great cost-effective way of measuring incoming calls from various lead sources. Ask us for more information!


    Talk to your customers more. Database marketing can be incredibly powerful when practised in a timely and intelligent manner. You can be sure that your competitors are talking to them already so ensure your communication materials have the edge!


    Try something new. If you don’t have the information you need, or you are reticent to get involved in something you have no experience of – talk to us. Don’t let your lack of experience hold your business back from talking to new customers. Arrange a meeting with us and we’ll talk you through ideas and possibilities at no charge. The rest is up to you!

    Call us today to arrange a meeting on 01489 798354!

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