Facebook will be rolling out its new look news feed to users within the next few months, so what can we expect?

New Facebook News Feed

  • For anyone who uses the Facebook app on their smart phone, the new format will look familiar, as Facebook has based its new look on the mobile version in order to make Facebook’s look and feel more consistent throughout your iPhone, your iPad and your computer.

  • Ever think your feed looks a little bit too cluttered? The new Facebook homepage will be cleaner and easier to navigate, with a much smaller menu bar on the left hand side. This means that you will be less distracted by all those notifications and more able to focus on all of your content.

  • Images on the new Facebook page will be bigger, so making sure your Facebook posts are visually striking is more important than ever. Cover photos will also take centre stage, as they’ll appear on a news feed whenever someone connects with your page (so if you have a business page, you need to ensure your cover photo is top notch… and that it complies with Facebook’s policies!)

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that the company’s aim is “to give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper we can”, which means you get more options to customize what you see on your page. Only interested in posts about music? Just click the “Music” category on the right side of your page. Want all of your posts in chronological order and not in order of popularity? There will be an option for that, too.

Change might be scary to some, but if you want access to the made-over news feed before your friends, just sign up to the Facebook waiting list!

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