Once upon a time, we just wanted customers to say they saw/heard/read our adverts, today, consumers are surfing, clicking, liking, networking, linking in, tweeting and retweeting.

All of a sudden, information is everywhere; customers have a voice and an opinion and this needs to be managed. As consumers, from the very young to the very old spend more time in front of a screen; be it mobile or desktop, at work, at home or outside, more and more products and services are being advertised online.

We can establish the most effective online channels through which your adverts can be delivered, explain the impact social networking has on your business and how this should be managed to best effect, how this should be integrated with your website and other forms of media and help navigate you through a world that is becoming smaller, more intimate and more personal.

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MediaQuest can help you harness the power of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, so that your business can connect with its customer base quickly and conveniently.

We can set up and manage social media channels for your company and update them frequently with timely and relevant information, giving you an effective outlet through which to communicate with your current customers and target a wider audience.

Working with you, we can help manage your online brand reputation to ensure seamless delivery of excellent customer service beyond the shop floor. Our wealth of experience in traditional media allows us to demonstrate how social media can be weaved throughout your existing promotional activities for maximum effect.


When it comes to communicating a message and marketing your brand, email marketing is a very cost-effective method, and an important one, when 98% of users online have an email account.

We can design and create effective email marketing campaigns that will draw your customer's interest and build an electronic direct mail strategy that ensures you don’t end up in the junk folder. If you don’t have a database of your own, we can also source cost-effective and reliable lists that suit your individual needs.

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As well as having a website that looks great across all browsers, it also needs to function to the highest of its ability. Many businesses require more on their website than just images and copy, and that’s where web development services come in.

If you need back-end web development, content management systems, database technology and stock search systems are just a few features we can provide.


When orchestrated correctly, a PPC campaign keeps you in control of your online advertising. Results can be measured accurately and your adverts can be adapted for maximum results.

PPC can be used strategically alongside your organic seo marketing to achieve a number of business objectives and integrated with offline media campaigns where required. We use our expertise to keep your ads relevant and effective to ensure you are running the most effective PPC campaign possible, whatever your budget.


Even the most beautifully designed website can fail to perform if your copy is not up to scratch. Boring chunks of text and bland messages can lose you traffic and consequently, customers. We can fine-tune any existing copy on your company website, or start from the very beginning.

Whether you need help writing or creating your business's blog or you're struggling to write captivating, keyword-rich content, our help can transform your website into a powerful online presence.