We work with all kinds of businesses in different industries and of different sizes.

They come to us for different reasons and with different objectives but the one thing they all have in common is their location in one of the UK’s most prosperous regions – the Central South.

Straddling the South East and South West economic regions, the central south coast has higher than average incomes, our children gain higher than average school qualifications, we spend more on our holidays, eating out, entertainment, food and clothing, and more. Our customers want their share of this economic prosperity in their cash registers and on the bottom line and our job is to help that.

For the time-pressed business decision maker, we offer clarity, strategy and organisation in their marketing. We do the research, the planning and the legwork so the business can be run by the experts without them wasting time dealing with sales reps, booking adverts and setting budgets. They stay in control of budgets and we do the rest.

For the business that has outgrown itself, we bring a ‘blue-chip’ quality to the brand. We stop suppliers using your corporate identity indiscriminately, we provide guidelines on how your brand should appear and create a brand personality that reaches out to customers – a brand is always more than just a logo.

Whatever your reasons are for arriving at this website, we'd love to talk to you, about you, and your business.

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Your Marketing Manager is your dedicated point of contact for all things advertising and marketing. They share your goals of driving profitability and growth.

They will work with you in whichever way suits you best, meeting you on regular basis to discuss new ideas, review previous campaigns, and make plans for the future. But more importantly, they work completely independently of the media. This means that every recommendation for your business is made by someone who:

Knows your business objectives
Is protecting your bottom line
Isn’t targeted to ‘sell’ to as many businesses as possible
Has full market access to all media providers and some of the best rates in the business
Has experience of what does and doesn’t work for your business

They are your one stop shop for all your marketing requirements. They will research, plan, source, negotiate, create, book and buy on your behalf without you having to speak to deal with anyone else. The role of our Marketing Managers is threefold: To protect your time, your money and your brand.

It really is as simple as that.


Talking to our clients and knowing everything about their business is the most important step towards creating a great PR strategy. Every business needs coverage, whether you win an award for your service, or are taking on new staff, we know you want to share that with the world.

MediaQuest can take control of your public relations, and bring your story, however big or small it may be, into the market in the most effective and timely way.

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Local newspapers and magazines are still an integral part of any marketing plan, despite the growth of digital media. Making the most of advertising space in the publications your potential customers are reading is a great way to connect and relay your message.

If you have an event on the horizon, or stock that needs clearing, an advertisement in the local paper could be the boost you need to drive foot traffic to your business. Whether it‘s a regular weekly advertisement, or a one-off promotion, we can use our press expertise to find the right space to bring you the most press coverage.


Unlike digital marketing, direct mail puts your marketing message directly into the hands of your customers. Mailings can be personalized to feature your customers‘ name, and you can target a particular group with a particular message with ease.

Direct mail campaigns can run alongside your radio, online and press campaigns, and sending a physical coupon or voucher to your customers or potential customers in the post is great motivation for them to visit you and take advantage of your latest deal.


Growing a database of customers who enjoy hearing from you and want to keep in touch is an inavaluable part of any marketing strategy.

With an up to date database of the information your customers or leads have provided, we can target email or direct mail campaigns to the people who will find them relevant, giving you the best results and ensuring that your budget is used wisely.