Choosing the right medium for your message is half the battle, so why not leave it to us?.

With our knowlege and connections, we can make sure you are buying space in the right publications, choosing the right radio demographic to appeal to, and doing all this at the smallest possible cost to your business. Our advertisers come to us for our energy, creativy, knowledge and buying expertise.

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From the early days of pirate ships in the Atlantic to huge multi-national brands, the relative newcomer in the world of advertising is now a major media player.

Radio costs a consumer nothing and can be enjoyed whilst doing so many other things; working, driving, surfing the web, doing the housework and more! It engages the consumer on a totally different level to a printed message and adds a personality, a third dimension to your brand.

It makes TV campaigns work better; increases web traffic, drives footfall and gets under the skin of the modern consumer.

Digital Radio Radio Dial Wave 105 and Jack FM

We are bursting at the seams with expertise in the radio marketplace and have scriptwriters and producers on tap to make sure that your message is heard, remembered and acted on.

Whether you need an advertisement for your latest offer or event, or a long-running jingle that is going to stick in your customer's head, we can help create the perfect radio campaign to help you stand out from the local crowd.


We select the right medium for your messages, at the right price. We source suppliers who can deliver the best quality products at the lowest possible prices and we control costs so that targets are met within budget and on deadline.

We pride ourselves on making small budgets appear larger, and getting a high return on marketing spend. We’re all about control. Controlling your costs so that you don’t overspend, controlling how your brand is perceived by the general public, and controlling your time so it can be spent more fruitfully on running your business.